Yamamotoyama Assorted Soy Wrapper Full Sheet

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Yamamotoyama Assorted Soy Wrapper Full Sheet also known as Mame Nori are the perfect solution for sushi lovers who may be allergic or have a distaste for regular seaweed nori. Mame Nori is a high-quality sushi wrapper that is made from 100% soy beans.


Ten colourful soy wrappers to create imaginative Sushi, wraps, appetizers & desserts. Use to make a quick sushi or veggie wrap.Contains 5 sheets (1 of each colour ??€? Sesame, Original, Spinach Green, Paprika Orange) & Turmeric Yellow. Sheet size = 20cm x 18cm. Soy protein is of the highest quality, but without the cholesterol and saturated fat.


  • Made with high quality Soybean protein.
  • Ready to use. Vegetarian friendly.
  • No preservatives added. Gluten Free. Spinach, Paprika and Turmeric extract used for colour.
  • Gluten Free
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