Diamond G

Diamond G Brown Rice 5lbs

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The special, nutty flavor And the slightly chewy texture Of diamond???? g's brown rice will add natural character To your rice dishes. This???? superior rice not only contributes superb taste To meals, it makes a???? healthy addition To the high complex carbohydrate diet recommended by???? most experts. Diamond g's brown rice is economical as well. Try these???? delectable, quick And easy, kitchen-tested recipes And taste the???? goodness Of diamond G.


Industry experts agree, America's highest quality rice comes from California, and "Diamond G" is California's highest quality rice: laser sorted, milled weekly, this Brown Rice is grown by members of the Farmers' Rice Cooperative in Northern Sacramento Valley. The long summers, ample sunshine coupled with delta breezes, go a long way in crafting some of the most nutritious rice grown anywhere. Loaded with complex carbohydrates, rice is free of cholesterol, free of fat, and free of sodium. Best of all it's economical; whether you fry it or steam it, rice cost just pennies per serving.



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2 Reviews

Feb 15th 2017

Diamond G brown rice

I am so glad I found Akechi Grocery to ship this item to me! Thank you so much!

Jun 20th 2016

The BEST Brown Rice Ever

I've been using Diamond Brown Rice for roughly 30 years. About a year ago I started having trouble finding it in local stores. I tried many other brands without satisfaction. Finally found it at Akechi and could not be happier. For my palet it is without question the very best brown rice available.

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